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   Liaocheng City Kaidi Automotive Bearing Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales in one of the automotive bearing enterprises.  Our products are mainly wheel hub bearings,  hub units and taper roller bearings, and we also produce and sell auto bearing repair kits, tensioner pulley bearings, clutch bearings and all kinds of non-standard bearings.
In company with 'integrity-based, customer first' philosophy, won the customer's trust and support, establish a good reputation。
We sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to negotiate cooperation, let our cooperation to create a better future.

Hot Products

  • Wheel Bearing Rep. kit:X906-1GA000


  • Wheel bearing:X044438800


  • Wheel bearing:X044193140


  • Wheel Bearing Rep. kit:VKBA851


  • Wheel Bearing Rep. kit:VKBA 964

    VKBA 964

  • Wheel Bearing Rep. kit:VKBA 960

    VKBA 960

  • Wheel Bearing Rep. kit:VKBA 948

    VKBA 948

  • Wheel Bearing Rep. kit:VKBA 947

    VKBA 947

  • Wheel Bearing Rep. kit:VKBA 927

    VKBA 927

  • Wheel Bearing Rep. kit:VKBA 904

    VKBA 904